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Just ASK

~~Q-- Are your dogs guaranteed?

A-- Yes they are guaranteed against any genetic disorder until age one year. They are guaranteed that the dog you get is exactly the same and I described and photographed for you. When you get the dog if you are not happy with it you have 3 days to return it for full refund minus all the expense the you incurred to me in the transaction.

Q-- How does the dog get to me?

A-- Usually the dog will fly.. 1st choice is Delta Dash or American Airlines.

You are responsible for all shipping charges and there is no COD shipping.

Q-- I saw a hairless dog with bad skin problems is this typical of the hairless?

A-- No it is not typical. The care of the skin often makes the difference in the appearance of the dog. You treat the hairless dog just as you would your child.. Bath him and use body lotion and there should not be a skin problem.  Keep your pet clean and feed high quality food to keep the skin healthy. 

Q-- Is the puff anything like a poodle?

A-- Only in that they might be the same size as a toy poodle.. The puff should not have a Curly coat and the disposition is much different than any other breed. The Powderpuff acts more like a cat than a poodle.

Q-- Some hairless have quite a bit of hair is this normal?

A-- Yes the hairless dog has a hairless gene, the symptom of that gene is lack of hair on the body and that can be differing degrees of lack of hair... a true hairless has little to no body hair with no hair on the ears or legs just a little on the top of the head and the tip of the tail.  An ideal hairless has enough hair to give it a crest a mane, boots and a fluffy tail without much body hair. A hairy hairless has more body hair but that gives him lots of flash and I usually what you see in the show ring.  All hairless are born totally naked the hair starts to grow within a week.  A powderpuff is born fully coated.

Q-- Is there a difference between the hairless and the puff?

A-- Yes.. of course there is the obvious difference the hair and lack of it, however there is a difference in the mouth in that the puff has to have full dentition and a hairless does not. The puff has a softer skin with a extra layer of fat where the hairless has a thicker heaver dermis. The disposition of the puff is more relaxed they are a little more laid back then the hairless.

Q-- I have heard that they have lots of health problems is this true?

A-- All breeds of dogs have their own problems and cresteds and no different than any other breed however as a breeder since 1993 I have removed most problems from my blood lines

Q-- I want a tiny one about 3lbs is that possible?

A-- The breed standard is 6 to 13 lbs and usually a puppy that would be adult less than 6 lbs could have health problems.. I personally have never had a 3lb adult..and to get a Chinese crested that is smaller than 4 to 5 lbs it is probably crossed with a smaller breed.

Q- can they go outside in all weather?

A-- Treat them like a 2- year old child if it is sunny they will sunburn so use Bata block or sun screen lotion on them.. if cold put a sweater of jacket. they can go out in any weather for a few minutes just to go potty without dressing them... Just watch them and take them in as soon as possible... The hairless variety is not recommended as an outside pet.

Q--- What do you mean by the part about "changing colors"?

A- When they are babies they might be all pink and be adult as spotted -I have had them born pink and end up as slate.. by the time they are 8 weeks old the breeder usually knows what they will be -- Then being hairless the get sun tanned and loose it in the winter - so in the summer they and be black and in the winter light gray or blue or lavender...

Q---- Does the breed in general require a lot of attention, as far as exercise (more that an hour or so a day)? A--- You would not have to spend an hour a day on the dog - however the dog would spend 24 hours a day on you........... they like to do everything you do and they like to sleep with you.

Q--- Are they a hyperactive breed?

A--- They are as active as you wish them to be . They like to be with you all the time -- they like to go in the car... they play with about anything and will learn tricks but usually they teach you the trick.....I tell people they are a cross between "a cat - a spider - and an epileptic monkey" They are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Q-- Would you recommend the breed for a family pet?

A-- Yes they make an excellent family pet - its like adding a two year old kid to your household

Q-- Is the breed considered an aggressive or submissive breed?

A-- I would not label the breed with either verb ........... as individual dogs you have Alpha dogs and then sometimes a timid one... they will get upset with you and trash a toy or lite into a dog friend.. and if you hurt their feelings they might pout and not talk to you for a while....

Q- How are they considered for training both house and tricks, easy or hard?

A-- In my opinion I believe that they are the most intelligent breed....they do use logic and reason and are as intelligent as s two year old kid.

Q--- What is there shedding rated, little/none, average or heavy?

A--- The hairless one has little to no shedding -- the powderpuff sheds very little - the coat is not fur it is hair which gives it its hypoallergenic status. Q-- my youngest son is allergic to some pet hairs, cats, rabbits and some dogs. I need to know is this breed hypoallergentic?

A-- The Chinese crested has two varieties the hairless dog is 99% hypoallergenic-- The powderpuff probably 75%=== Type your paragraph here.