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Chinese Crested History
Although the Chinese Crested breed is both fully coated and hairless it is the hairless dog that we think of when the Chinese Crested is mentioned.  History is filled with the mention of the hairless dog which most likely is the Ancestor of   the Chinese Crested hairless dog as well as several other hairless breeds we know today.  

The first Official AKC record of the Chinese Crested being shown is in the spring of 1885 although many books written as far back as 1700's have been found which include drawings and photos of the hairless dog. In the mid 30's Mrs Debra Woods took an interest in the Crested as a breed and started the first registry . For 40 years she was dedicated to the development of the breed.  In the 50's  the famous burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee started collecting  Crested and her collection included dogs from all over the world. My first Crested Came from a Gypsy Rose Lee Bitch named Hell on Wheels.  The breed as we now know it in the United States owes much thanks to  the efforts of these two ladies.

It is believed that the first hairless dog to arrive in China was during the Han Dynasty about 200 BC to 220 AD . Because the lack of hair meant lack of fleas.  The Chinese Merchants used them as ratters on shipping vessels in an effort to control the plague that was carried by fleas...  In this way the Chinese Merchants transported the hairless dogs around the globe and traded the offspring for other goods at ports they entered.   This is the reason they are refereed to as Chinese Cresteds  and does not reflect the fact that China was their origin. 

Through archaeological references we find that the hairless dog was a spiritual familiar for the Aztec the Toltec and also the Incas and because their belief was that you became what you ate they often consumed the hairless dog as a ritual of becoming.   There are many hairless dogs in Mexico and they are very similar to the Chinese Crested and are called Mexican hairless.

There is Archaeological evidence that the hairless dog existed as far back as 2000 BC and that they existed all over the world.  The tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs were also decorated with the images of the hairless dog and because of their magical powers they were mummified to guide the Pharaoh on his journey across the river sticks..   It is also believed that they were used as temple dogs to guard the treasures of the Gods.  

What is a Chinese Crested
No it is not a BIRD. A Chinese Crested is a Dog. They are classified as part of the toy group of dogs and range in size from 6 lbs to 13 lbs. They are unique in that like many other breeds there are two varieties, except in the Chinese crested breed the varieties are drastically different.... one may have a full coat of hair and is called a powderpuff and the other can have almost no hair and is called a hairless [of course]. Most breeds have a standard color where as the Chinese Crested is a party dog and may be born in any color or combination of colors including pink lilac and blue. They make an excellent companion pet or family pet. They are intelligent and get along well with other animals.

What determines a hairless dog

The hairless quality is due to the presence on a hairless gene... the symptom of that gene is lack of hair on the body of the dog and often lack of some teeth with lower k-9's leaning forward in the mouth. There can be differing degrees of lack of hair on the body. Some hairless dogs have a little hair on the top of the head, the tip of the tail and on the lower leg and foot. Others have hair that has to be groomed to make the hairless appearance. However no hair or some hair the hairless pup is totally hairless at birth and carries the hairless gene as well as the puff gene .. and breed with a hairless or a puff can produce either a hairless or a powderpuff puppy.

What is a Powderpuff
The powderpuff.. is the variety of Chinese
crested that is fully coated.   They are
born  in the same litter  as the hairless
Chinese Crested  ..........
The powderpuff is completely covered with a
heavy coat that can be several inches long as
an adult..  It usually requires brushing about
once a week to maintain a fresh groomed look.
The powderpuff does not carry the hairless gene
and can produce only powderpuffs unless breed
to a hairless..