So who is Jeri Lee? She has been a Show Breeder of Chinese Cresteds since 1991.  Her first cresteds came from the bloodlines of Gypsy Rose lee's Hell on wheels. Being an artist Jeri had the ability of mixing DNA like she mixed colors and produced top quality Chinese Cresteds. Her Dogs where often refered to as being "the Best in the breed", by the father of Chinese cresteds Dick Dickerson. In 1993 Jeri started showing Chinese cresteds in AKC competition and is documented with 96 AKC Champioms to date.   She has always been in Compliance with the rules and regulations of AKC, having the latest report on 9/1/2016 ...... attached copy of report.

So who is Jeri Lee? She is the 75 year old lady that published 2 books via while dusting off many more unfinished manuscripts on the bookshelf.  It seems she has been writing all her life and stashing them, waiting for the time to be her own publisher.  You can Purchase from Amazon or from   

So who is Jeri Lee?

In 1969 Jeri lee was Employed in the engineering dept. of Stanley Tools as a Technical illustrator designing hand tools. Married with two sons the family relocated to Calif where she studied Geology, Lapidary and Lost wax casting at UCLA and started her own design company producing an exotic style of jewelry.   The next twenty years was a whirlwind of Art shows and Renaissance fairs.

Sept 1991 was the dark month when the monster disguised as lymphoma was the thief that stole her Soul-mate without any warning.   Leaving Jeri to raise their newest child - a six month old all black hairless female Chinese crested puppy.

It was little naked thing called Gia that gave sanity and a reason for living in the months and years that followed.   The reason Jeri started breeding Chinese Cresteds was to give others the opportunity to enjoy this little animal that had given her a reason to live.


She is the 73 year old lady that met and studied  

QHHT regression Hypnosis with the World renowned Author, Lecturer and Teacher .....





She is the 67 year old lady that wrote poems to herself

She is the 71 year old lady that ran away from home to live for two years in a Hole in the ground in outside of Taos New Mexico.  It was totally OFF THE GRID at 7500 foot elevation in a dwelling called an 'Earth Ship".

ComingSOON Tip-Toe through the TAROT

A stroke in 1985 at age 45 slowed her down for a while.  Having a NDE and the installation  of the first of what is now 5 pacemakers, she regained her speech got out of the wheelchair to hit the road again.  She had a second NDE in 2005 during a lead extraction surgery......  She is out to prove the saying is correct, "you can't keep a good woman down".

Two books on Palmistry  and

Astrology the Original Religion

and much more.............

For water you caught rainwater   or you transported it from a community well 8 miles away on a cross between a path-trail-road.  Without a 4X vehicle you did not do it.


By 1994 Jeri Lee was well on her way to breed and show some of the best Chinese Cresteds in the ring.  Many of the top winners in the ring today got their  foundation stock from

Jeri Lee's kennel.

So who is Jeri Lee?

Nov 1991 - Less than two months later Jeri's right thigh started to grow and within a month it was so large that she could not walk.  A trip to MD Anderson in Tx revealed and removed a 5 lb Sarcoma.  Now she had to learn how to walk again and would forever suffer the pain and lack of control of the right leg.   As history shows it did not stop her from showing her beloved babies. 

All Jeri's dogs are AKC and she has always been in good standing with their rules and regulations.  AKC lists her with credit of 96 AKC Champions.  You can see a partial list with photos on

She is the 54 year old lady that survived Cancer - Twice in a 6 month period of time.

An earth-ship is a hole in the ground that is walled on the north with old tires and windowed on the the south 

for an inside garden.  The bulk of the house is tin cans and bottles packed in mud.  

So who is Jeri Lee?

Because the Honey Bee pollinates 95% of the food you eat

So who is Jeri Lee?

You are totally off the grid so wind generators and solar panels are your means of 'modern living'. The only place you got cell-phone reception was in the "Out House"

So who is Jeri Lee?

The Three Females in my life are the three parts of self,

The Maid - The Mother - The Crone.

As the Maid - I was the virgin, innocence was my name, education was my goal and maturity was my aim. 

Mother Matron - Taught me life, how to give and how to take,

how to love and how to care, how to laugh and how to cry.

Now I am the Crone - Life's experiences I can share, it's wisdom I have to give, tolerance I can teach and inabilities I must endure.

It's all just me - But who is there to listen?

                                 Who is there to care?

                                                            JUST ME - JUST ME

So who is Jeri Lee?

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So who is Jeri Lee?  â€‹As breeder of your new puppy, she is mom first then forever Grandma to all her babies.

So who is Jeri Lee?

Originals designed and produced by Jeri Lee

Author and Publisher


On May 1 2016 She is that 77 year old lady that gave herself a birthday gift

of seven hives of honey bees.....

Because they are in danger of being extinct and  If they DIE YOU DIE......

99% of the honey in the supermarket is not a product of the honey bee,,,, real RAW bees honey and pollen is beneficial to your health. 

So who is Jeri Lee?

She Is that 76 year old lady that just met two very influential personalities.  ET from somewhere out there and Erich Von Daniken  Author of Chariots of the Gods and many other great books.

So who is Jeri Lee?

She has two kids - two grandkids - two great-grandkids

She lives alone with her dogs and they all have their special place in their home and

for most of then that is on the couch in front of the TV.

She is the 74 year old lady that enrolled at HMI The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana Ca to get a certificate of graduation for a career she started as a child when she practiced hypnotizing her father's chickens and mother's cat. 

In 1992 Jeri desperately searched for a suitable mate for Gia....No internet made the search almost impossible but through a sperm of the month club she succeeded and the rest is history.